Thousands of times through out my education, ever since I start learning how to put shaky letters together in kindergarten I have heard the phrase,

“To be successful in whatever you want to do, you have to be a good writer.”

I heard this phrase again today at the Communication Studies job fair from a professional. She was telling about how writing public service announcements were great exercises in the quest to becoming a better writer because you are limited to a certain amount of space. Depending on the media, for the same announcement you may have enough room for a paragraph’s worth of information or just one sentence.

Based on that thinking it would only make sense that having to fit everything that you want to say into 140 characters would challenge and enrich the writer. Jennifer Blanchard gives there 3 reasons how Twitter makes you a better writer.

  • Twitter forces you to be concise
  • Twitter forces you to exercise your vocabulary (eliminate adjectives and adverbs, beef up those verbs)
  • Twitter forces you to improve your editing skills

So not only is Twitter an important tool for networking and learning cool new things, but it also will imporve my writing skills to boot.